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Re: Age/magnetism of ridges at Mid Atlantc ridge

Date: Sun Sep 26 16:44:09 1999
Posted By: Donald Bruehl, Consultant,Geologic Resources
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 935551464.Es

I understand that the mid-Atlantic ridge is a very extensive and quite 
active feature on the Atlantic Ocean sea floor.   Since it is not within 
the specialty of this scientist, some internet research was done.   Many 
sites on the internet contain recent information.   Most of the ridge is 
submerged, and therefore little is known about the ridge and adjacent 
features except from geophysical studies and deep ocean research.   
Information at one site describes the ridge as follows:

"The Mid-Atlantic Ridge marks the divergent boundary that runs through the
middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Here new portions of the earth’s crust are 
being formed and are pushing the continents further apart. The extent of 
the forces operating here is indicated by the amount of fracturing along 
the ridge. Cracks perpendicular to the ridge are transform faults, planes 
along which portions of the plates slide horizontally past each other."

To help you in your quest for information below are some URLs to check out:

Mid-ocean ridge tectonics


Discovering Plate Tectonics

The Mid-Ocean Ridge

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Deep Ocean Basins: Oceanic Ridges - Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Multi-scale spectral analysis of bathymetry on the flank of the Mid 
Atlantic Ridge

The internet and texts on the subject available at many librarys should 
help you further in your quest.   I wish you the best!

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