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Subject: Perpetual motion is possible and I discovered it.

Date: Tue Mar 23 15:31:30 1999
Posted by L.M.B
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Would this be perpetual motion 
1) you make hydrogen from water using electricity
2) let the hydrogen rise through a pipe and capture all
   its energy with turbines.
3) then you burn the hydrogen in a fuel cell at the height
    where the hydrogen won't rise anymore. you then capture
    the fuel cells' energy. 
4) now you have water at like 100,000ft and you let it fall
    capturing all of its energy with turbines.

With all the energy you made from the hydrogen rising, the 
fuel cell burning, and the water falling you make more hydrogen.
The process will continue forever giving you perpetual motion                   

Re: Perpetual motion is possible and I discovered it.

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