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Re: What is the deepest and lowest point of the Pacific, and Atlantic oceans?

Date: Wed Mar 3 09:58:17 1999
Posted By: Bijit Sarkar, Staff, Naval Architecture, Safety Engineering,Noise Control,Ocean pollution, FOUNDATION
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 919889667.Es

Hello Joshua,

I am sorry to be late in replying to you.

If you go to the following url, you can have a look at the beautiful image constructed from satellite data of the seas of the world.

Barring any well type formations that may well occur in the sea-bed, the deepest points of the oceans of the world are

Ocean		Deepest Point		depth(ft)	Depth(m)
Pacific		Mariana Trench		36,200		11,033
Atlantic	PuertoRico Trench	28374		8648
Indian		Java Trench		25344		7725
Arctic		Eurasia Basin		17881		5450

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