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Re: How do I stop moisture spreading bacteria on agar plates stored upside down

Date: Tue Jan 19 16:09:12 1999
Posted By: Lynn Bry, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 916195386.Mi

Dear Brendan - Here's what you can do:

When you get the media, pre-incubate the plates in an upside-down position 24 hours before you want to use them. Condensation should collect on the "top" plate of the Petrie dish. When you want to use them, remove the plates from the incubator, keeping them in the upside-down position. Gently open each one and shake the water droplets off the top plate. Doing this once should take care of the problem.

Hope this helps..

-L. Bry, MadSci Admin

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