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Subject: Can a electric motor be used as a primary mover to spin a alternator.

Date: Mon Feb 8 03:57:58 1999
Posted by Mr Joseph.Basil. Strevens
Grade level: undergrad
School: P.C. Elec ameture research lab
City: Westend State/Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 918467878.Ph

A generator consist of a engine and a alternator and electricty 
can be generated. Why can,t you just replace the the egine with 
a electric motor and draw the same electricity from the 
genenrating alternator.Purpetual motion is trying to get energy 
from nothing.Can the above question be decribe as purpetual 
motion. The two components namely the motor and the alternator 
need two different types. The motor needs electric energy(AC) 
and the alternator needs kenetic energy(Energy of movement).The 
motor produces kenetic energy and the Alternator produces 
electric energy.Why can,t we use the two to produce electric 

Re: Can a electric motor be used as a primary mover to spin a alternator.

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