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Subject: How do you build a 'prepetual' magnetic generator?

Date: Wed Jun 3 13:53:13 1998
Posted by Larry Motylinski
Grade level: other
School: graduated
City: West Bloomfield State/Province: MI
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 896899993.Eg

I saw on Johnny Carson (a couple of decades ago) a man who used a 
permanent magnet generator to power his whole house.  It wasn't 
exactly prepetual because bearings would eventually wear out.  Other 
than that, it would last virtually forever.  Before electronics were 
invented, it was impossible to carry enough current in a single wire 
without making the wire (and the whole unit) extremely large.  Being 
that large, it could not be 'self sufficient'.  The amount of current 
generated when passing a copper wire through a magnet is the same 
wether the wire is one thousandth of an inch or one half an inch.  
Making a coil using tiny wire eventually will cause it to get hot and 
burn up.  Therefore, the mindset was that since you needed such a 
large wire, 'prepetual' generation was impossible.  Now with 
electronics, it is possible to create smaller coils with small wire 
(which would not burn up from over-current) and use many of them then 
'add' the current together with electronics (diodes come to mind) to 
achieve an end result of many ampres.  Some of the electricity can be 
'siphoned' off to run a 'motor' that would rotate the permanent magnet 
through the coil(s) of wires - thereby making it run itself.

I have talked to a few people who sell magnets and they asked me if I 
was a student at one of the local universities.  Apparently they have 
had numerous students create these 'prepetual' generators for their 
thesis's - and they all worked find.  The 'power' that a magnet can 
create has changed since their inception.  I was told that a magnet 1" 
in diameter and 1" long is more powerful than magnets 100 times their 
size when they were first 'invented'.

I also heard that GE was actually testing a refrigerator using one of 
these generators to power it.  In order for them to get a patent on 
it, it had to run for 5 years without failure.  A decade has passed 
since I've heard that.  I imagine that the power companies would 
squash the idea by purchasing the rights or other unthinkable means.

Where can I find out more information ?  Such as finding plans, 
sources of parts, etc. without making enemy's out of the power 
companies.  I don't want to put them out of business, I just would 
like to build my own 'prepetual' generator to power my house (or at 
least a light bulb).  I know it can be done.  I just want to be able 
to prove it.

Larry Motylinski

Re: How do you build a 'prepetual' magnetic generator?

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