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Subject: In reference to 'how to calculate horsepower from acceleration rate and

Date: Fri Mar 18 10:27:19 2005
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I have searched the archives but still do not understand about gear ratios and 
torque or what I found didnt seem that to answer my question clearly. Let me 
elaborate on what im doing... I have a Honda and have reprogrammed the ECU to 
allow me serial port access to the Sensors. I am logging the Speed Sensor, Rpm 
sensor, and weight of my vehicle while accelerating with a laptop and 
calculating HP and Torque according to the above referenced article(the 
subject line). Here is some info you could use as an example if you like...
Front wheel Drive Automatic tranny
2100 lbs (pretty darn close anyway)
gear ratios:
1 - 2.600
2 - 1.568
3 - .975
4 - .638
Final - 4.333

Now when I log data and perform calcualtions on it the HP seems very close in 
second gear but in 3rd gear or after its way off... its says Im generating 
something in the 1000's of ft/lbs of torque. I know I need to use some 
correction formulas  for the gearing of the transmission but I dont know where 
to start or even how to apply it to my situation. I hope you understand my 
problem and can help me and anyone else who is trying to do something similiar.

Re: In reference to 'how to calculate horsepower from acceleration rate and

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