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Subject: Can a steam engine run on hydrogen successfully?

Date: Sat Nov 24 08:32:36 2001
Posted by Xorg
Grade level: 7-9 School: Malton School
City: Malton State/Province: N.Yorks Country: England
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1006608756.Eg

I have searched the internet a lot to find the answer to this question and I 
now Know that hydrogen can drive an internal combustion engine (a wankel rotary 
engine, it cannot be burnt in an ordinary engine as hydrogen has a low ignition 
temperature so it backfires through the intake port before it closes fully in 
the compression stroke wich would blow up the carburetter but can it be used in 
a diesel engine as the hydrogen would be injected later?) and I know that it 
can haet water to drive a steam engine but can you run a hydrogen engine on the 
steam produced directly by the burning of hydrogen, and if so, how?If it can be 
done , would the engine work upside down/on an angle?

Re: Can a steam engine run on hydrogen successfully?

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