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Subject: Can we use water as a fuel in cars

Date: Wed Oct 11 05:09:51 2000
Posted by JIM
Grade level: nonaligned School: Not Applicable
City: Perth State/Province: No state entered. Country: Australia
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 971255391.Eg

I would like some commets on the use of Microwave Transmitters in an 
Internal Combustion engine (ICE) instead of sparkplugs . They would zap the 
water introduced instead of petrol) either to staem which could turn the 
ICE into a steam engine, OR IF YOU USED VERY HIGH POWER transmitters you 
could have the water break up into H2 and O2 and get the piston going up 
and down using the explosion of these by products of smahing the water with 

Re: Can we use water as a fuel in cars

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