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Re: what happens when you put sugar in the gas tank of a car?

Date: Tue Dec 21 22:29:02 1999
Posted By: Robert, Research Associate, Exhaust gases treatment by non-thermal plasma, Saga University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 944693455.Ch

Well, first of all, the portion of gasoline in the volume of the tank decreases. Second of all, when the fuel containing sugar enters the engine, the sugar caramelises by the high temperature that is produced by the combustion process in the engine. Since the caramel is a pasty liquid, with high density and viscosity, the engine can get stuck and consequently break :(. Besides, it is not a flammable substance, and thus not useful in the engine as fuel. So, I'd recommend that you not try it!

Hope you understand my English - I am not a native. Sorry, if not.


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