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Re: How much does the sea rise for every one inch drop in air pressure?

Date: Fri Dec 11 02:55:12 1998
Posted By: Linda Engebretson, Forecaster, Meteorologist, National Weather Service, WSFO CYS
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 906574948.Es

The sea rises on the average half a meter (about 19 inches) for every 50 mb pressure drop. So, a hurricane with a central pressure of about 900 mb would have a sea level rise of approximately 38 inches- over 3 feet!

However, the resultant storm surge, which you would see when the hurricane came ashore, is going to change with respect to the terrain of the sea floor. So, Nevis Island would be different from Portland, Maine. Since the storm surge for each hurricane would be different depending on it's central pressure, the seafloor, and where it was coming ashore, I can't tell you how different they would be.

For more information, here is the link to the National Hurricane Center home page.

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