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Re: A Worms Heart?!

Date: Wed Jun 10 16:31:49 1998
Posted By: Matthew Barchok, Undergraduate
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 892052400.Zo

Yes.  Earthworms have several hearts.  Earthworms have dorsal and ventral
blood vessels.  At the front of the worm are several very muscular arches
of the circulatory system that actually pump the blood from the dorsal 
vessel to the ventral vessel.  After the blood is pumped into the ventral
vessel, it is pumped to the rest of the worm.  Some of the blood is pumped
through arches directly under the skin where it absorbs oxygen.  After the
blood is oxygenated, it returns to the dorsal vessel.  
The hearts that pump the blood are more like arteries that expand and 
contract, pushing blood in the proper direction.  They are the simplest
type of heart.

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