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Subject: Why can't we have hydrogen fueled cars?

Date: Tue May 20 07:16:15 1997
Posted by Sharif Khan
Grade level: undergrad
School: Ulster County Community College
City: Stone Ridge State/Province: New York
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 864130575.Eg
Why can't we use hydrogen fueled cars?  
Hydrogen can easily be made in the home and stored in small tanks.  
Its exhaust is pure water, so it won't pollute the atmosphere.  
It would also use less fuel to create more power.
And it can be used to heat homes.  A solar panel on the roof connected
to an apparatus in your boiler room can make hydrogen to power your
water heater, and house heater.  It can also power gas powered clothing
dryers.  If everyone used hydrogen, pollution would be greatly reduced.
I make hydrogen at home in an apparatus that I built(modelled after
one I saw in science class), and I use the hydrogen to power rockets
that I build.  If I can make hydrogen and use it that easily, why can't
evryone else use it?

Re: Why can't we have hydrogen fueled cars?

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